Sodium Fluoride Pellets

Sodium fluoride (NaF) pellets are used as a selective trapping agent for gaseous fluorides, particularly when the sodium fluoride is in pellet form.

For example a gas containing uranium hexafluoride may be passed through a heated bed of the NaF pellets to absorb or trap a quantity of UF6. When this UF6 sorption is completed, the NaF pellet bed may be cooled and thereafter heated again to a higher temperature to desorb or drive off the UF6. Suitable pellets can withstand multiple cycles without deterioration whilst still possessing both a high sorption rate and capacity.

These same desirable qualities for NaF pellets also exist when using the pellets in absorption of other gaseous fluorides, e.g., chromium fluoride, niobium fluoride, zirconium fluoride and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.