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Perfluorinated Fluids

F2 Chemicals Ltd utilise their ability to manufacture elemental fluorine on demand to manufacture a wide range of high purity perfluorinated fluids under the Flutec trade name. The fluids are fully fluorinated and contain only fluorine and carbon atoms. Their properties include excellent thermal stability, chemical inertness, electrical resistivity and gas solubility. They are also non-toxic and non-flammable.

Flutec Fluids are specialist performance fluids that can be used in a wide range of industries that includes amongst others: oil, gas and atmospheric tracing; building management; semiconductor manufacture; medical applications; and dielectric fluids for cooling high powered electronics.

Selective Direct Fluorination

F2 Chemicals also have the technology to carry out Selective Direct Fluorination utilising elemental fluorine and organic compounds. We have the expertise and capacity to manufacture SF5 compounds and fluorinated ketoesters, both of which have important functions as pharmaceutical intermediates, and other products too.

Research and Development

We also utilise our fluorination skills to assist customers undertake Research and Development work that requires expertise in the handling of, and formulation with, elemental fluorine.

F2 Chemicals Ltd is a fully owned UK subsidiary of Resonac

Please note: We currently have no stock of Flutec PP9 and we will not be able to offer this product for the foreseeable future.


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