In 1995 F2 Chemicals Ltd developed a new route to aromatic sulfur pentafluoride compounds. The ability to include the sulfur pentafluoride (SF5) group in a compound has the potential to open up an array of new medical drugs and other biologically-active chemicals.

Two recent developments are a collaboration with Manchester Organics in the area of aromatic SF5 derivatives and active participation in aromatic SF5 related projects of the FLUORINE21 International Training Network (ITN) project which has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

The below list of research and development chemicals are currently held in stock in various amounts, please use the contact section of our website to enquire about price and quantities. We are happy to consider developing fluorination methods to other compounds too, where they are compatible with our technology. Please contact us with any requirements.

3-NitrophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 2613-26-5
4-NitrophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 2613-27-6
3-HydroxyphenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 672-31-1
4-HydroxyphenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 774-94-7
3-IodophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 286947-67-9
4-IodophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 286947-68-0
3-AminophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 2993-22-8
4-AminophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 2993-24-0
3-BromophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 672-30-0
4-BromophenylsulphurpentafluorideCAS 774-93-6

Some of our work was published in a recent paper in Chemistry: A European Journal; Preparation of (Pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenes by Direct Fluorination of Diaryldisulfides: Synthetic Approach and Mechanistic Aspects.