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Synonyms: Perfluoropropane, C3F8, Flutec PP30

CAS Number : 76-19-7

Description & Characteristics

Octafluoropropane, C3F8 is a fully-fluorinated, odourless, colourless compressed gas.

  • Compatibility with most construction materials.
  • Practically non-toxic.
  • Non flammability.
  • No residue on evaporation.

  • Applications

    Octafluoropropane is used extensively in semiconductor manufacture in etching processes and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) chamber cleaning to remove dielectric film build up. In a plasma with oxygen, it generates a variety of reactive species that breakdown chemical deposits to make volatile products, which are readily removed under vacuum. Its cleaning effect is comparable to that of C2F6, but with significantly lower gas usage (up to 50%), offering important economic and environmental advantages.

    It is also used in contrast imaging applications and as an evaporative cooling fluid.

    Typical Physical Properties
    Molecular Weight 188
    Boiling Point -37°C
    Freezing Point -183°C
    Vapour Pressure @ 21.1͍ 792kPa
    Absolute Density, Gas @ 101.325 kPa, 20°C 45.4
    Relative Density, Gas @ 101.325 kPa, 20°C 6.69
    Density Liquid @ Saturation Pressure, 20°C 1.352 kg/l
    Critical Temperature 71.9°C
    Critical Pressure 2.680 MPa
    Critical Volume 1.590 dm3/kg
    Critical Compressability Factor 0.279
    Viscosity, Gas @ 101.325 kPa, 25°C 0.01454 mPa s

    Typical Thermosphysical Properties
    Molar Specific Heat, Gas @ 101.325 kPa 145.1 J/(mol.K) @10°C - 156.0 J/(mol.K) @50°C
    Thermal Conductivity, Gas @ 101.325 kPa;25°C 0.0138 W/(m.K)
    Latent Heat of Vaporisation 19.7 kJ/mol @ -36.7°C - 16.8 kJ/mol @ 0.0°C
    Heat Capacity, Ideal Gas @ 25°C 147.7 J/(mol.K)

    The above typical physical properties, in no way form or represent product specification

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