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A Brief History

1992 F2 Chemicals Ltd was established as BNFL Fluorochemicals Ltd, a diversification business belonging to British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL), to develop a chemical business based on BNFL's fluorine generation expertise.

1992 A research and development programme was started in collaboration with the Universities of Durham and Leicester to develop selective direct fluorination technology for utilising fluorine as a fluorinating agent for the production of organic compounds.

1993 the Company acquired the FLUTEC® perfluorocarbon fluids business from Rhône-Poulenc and constructed a new production plant in Preston.

2000 Due to a change of corporate strategy, BNFL sold the company to a consortium of Asahi Glass Company Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation and Miteni SpA.

2000 FDA pre-approval audit for the manufacture of cGMP Perfluorobutane.

2008 The company was acquired by Showa Denko KK.

2008 second FDA audit for the pre-approval of the manufacture of cGMP Perfluorobutane.

2014 Fluorine generation capacity expanded.

2016 Production expansion and improvement for the manufacture of Octafluoropropane.

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