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Typical Properties

The FLUTEC™ liquids are a range of fully saturated perfluorocarbons each containing only Carbon and Fluorine atoms. Unlike other types of fluoro-liquids Flutec fluids contain no chlorine, bromine, nitrogen, oxygen or hydrogen atoms.

Physical Properties

  • Non-Flammable.
  • Practically Non-toxic *.
  • Non-Conductive.
  • Lipophobic & Hydrophobic.
  • High thermal stability.
  • Low Heats of Vaporisation.
  • Exceptional Materials Compatibility.
  • High Density
  • Colourless
  • Odourless
  • Dissolve Gases in Large Amounts
  • Biocompatible & Sterilisable
  • High Purity
  • Minimal Residual Hydrogen

* NOTE: The toxicity rating used is published by Gleason, Gosselin and Hodge (Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, Baltimore 1963). 'Practically Non-Toxic' is the lowest rating of toxicity and relates to al lethal dose in excess of 1kg for a 70 kg (150lb) man.

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