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Flutec LE12 and LE15 materials are solutions of a low molecular weight perfluorocarbon oligomer in a low boiling-point, volatile perfluorocarbon liquid.

Flutec LE12 and LE15 are clear, have very low surface energies and high contact-angles with water.

They are highly chemically-resistant to most liquids and solutions not containing fluorine atoms and will repel a variety of oils, lubricants and aqueous solutions of high and low pH.

Coatings remain flexible at low temperatures and melt between 60°C. and 80°C.


Items and surfaces coated or impregnated with FLUTEC LE12 and FLUTEC LE15 are simultaneously hydrophobic and oleophobic. This means that the solutions can be used for:-

  • Protecting fully-assembled printed circuit boards and other electronics assemblies against condensed,
    atmospheric moisture.
    Areas:- External assemblies, intruder alarms, traffic systems, sea-going electronics, agricultural electronics.

  • Impregnating / coating woven and non-woven fibres for protection against water and chemicals.
    Areas:- Paper for pet-food container, book protection, coating filter media.

  • Coating applicator jets and nozzles to prevent clogging and to control shapes of droplets.
    Areas:- Ink-jet printers, adhesive applicators.

  • Preventing migration of a large range of oils, lubricants, fluxes and inks into areas where they are not required.
    Areas:- Bearing-races, various containers (to ensure complete drainage), adhesive-joining “overspill”.

  • Releasing resin mouldings from their moulds.
    Areas:- Cold-cast1 resins, RTV-silicones.

  • Application Methods

    Depending upon the specific use, FLUTEC LE12 and FLUTEC LE15 coatings can be applied by:

    • Dipping
    • Spraying.
    • Brushing.
    • Flood-Coating.
    • Curtain-Coating.
    • K-bar Coating.
    • Hypodermic or other nozzle spotting.

    • Dipping, where practical, is preferred as equipment is available commercially which handles parts automatically and effectively recovers the solvent during drying of the coating.

      Note: Where feasible, recovered solvent can be returned to F2 Chemicals for re-use.

      Post-baking of dried films is not necessary.

      Application equipment can be cleaned with any of the range of FLUTEC perfluorocarbon liquids.


      Typical Physical Properties
      Form Mobile Liquid
      Solids content 2% w/w (LE12) 5% w/w (LE15)
      Appearance Colourless liquid
      Specific Gravity 1.7
      Flash Point None
      Surface Energy of dry film 18-19 dynes cm-1
      Contact angle (DI water)110∘

      Handling and Storage

      FLUTEC LE12 and LE15 should be stored in a cool area and preferably in their tightly-closed original containers. There are no hazards involved in handling either material. Refer to the current Material Safety Data Sheet.


      FLUTEC LE12 and FLUTEC LE15 are available in 5 kg containers. Larger containers are available on request.

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