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Synonyms: Perfluoroperhydrofluorene

CAS Number : 307-08-4

Description & Characteristics

Perfluoroperhydrofluorene,C13F22, is a fully-fluorinated, odourless, colourless, non-volatile liquid with the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility with most construction materials
  • Excellent chemical and thermal stability
  • Non flammability
  • Practically non-toxic1
  • Applications

    Perfluoroperhydrofluorene finds many applications as a fluid for use in the electronics industries, including vapour phase soldering, condensation inert heating, fluid for testing and direct contact cooling.

    Safety, Handling and Storage

    Although Perfluoroperhydrofluorene is considered biologically and chemically inert, good laboratory practice should be observed when handling. Perfluoroperhydrofluorene has an indefinite shelf life if properly stored in its original sealed container. Safety data sheets are available on request.

    Typical Physical Properties
    Boiling Point ℃ 194
    Pour Point ℃ -40
    Molecular Weight 574
    Density, kg/l     1.984
    Vapour Pressure kPa <0.1
    Heat of vapourisation kJ/kg @ bp 67.9
    Surface Tension, mN/m 19.7
    Vapour Pressure, mbar <1
    Heat of vaporisation at Boiling Point, kj/kg 71*
    Refractive Index 0.92*
    Critical Temperature, ℃ 357.2*
    Critical Temperature, K 630.2*
    Critical Pressure, bar 16.2*
    Critical Volume, l/kgr 1.59*
    Resistivity ohm.cm >1013
    Dielectric Breakdown Strength kV/mm 50Hz >13
    Thermal Conductivity, mW/m ℃ 56*
    Expansion Coefficient, ℃-1(0℃) 0.00078

    Temperature dependant properties are quoted at 25℃ unless otherwise stated. The above typical physical properties, in no way form or represent product specification.

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