Product Overview

F2 Chemicals Ltd primarily manufactures Flutec® perfluorocarbon fluids, these are very specialised chemicals that are used in a wide range of industries. They contain only fluorine and carbon atoms and their properties include thermally stable (up to 400°C), colourless and odourless, chemically inert and high gas solubility. They are non-toxic and non-flammable.

They are used in a wide variety of applications, for example:

In the electronics industry, direct contact cooling and heat transfer. Also to a lesser extent for vapour phase soldering, thermal shock testing and liquid burn-in testing. Octafluoropropane is used in silicon wafer chamber cleaning and etching. We also offer a water- and oil-resistant surface coating used for the water-proofing of external circuit boards. Examples of water-proofing include home alarms and security equipment.

Perfluorocarbon tracers (PFTs) are increasingly being used as an alternative to radioactive tracers due to the obvious safety benefits. In the oil and gas supply industries, tagging and tracing compounds are used for reservoir mapping. They have also been used for environmental pollution assessment and mapping, and for security monitoring. Electricity supply companies use our products to pin-point breaks in underground oil-filled cables by introducing our tracers into the oil; the selected tracer then leaks from the damaged area and can be detected at very low concentrations by highly specialised equipment that literally sniffs the tracers out; the road can then be dug up and the break repaired quickly with minimal disruption.

In cosmetics the Company offers Flutec® PC6 and Flutec® PC11. Both fluids are lipophobic and hydrophobic, forming a third phase facilitating emulsion formulation. They have a variety of properties that makes them a superb additive to cosmetic formulations.

Other interesting applications include their use in particle physics experiments, heat engines and heat dissipation, speciality solvents for fluorinated materials, chemical reaction suppression and defined density fluids.

Whilst we do not undertake detailed application development ourselves, the Company supplies perfluorocarbons to many research and development facilities across the world and is keen to become involved in new applications. Such development enquiries are treated with strict confidentiality. We work closely with our customers to develop product specifications that meet their exact needs.

The Company has also developed technology to carry out selective direct fluorination reactions utilising elemental fluorine on organic compounds. The Company is happy to become involved with customers who have an interest in all aspects of fluorination.