Other Applications

Flutec® fluids have unique properties that allow them to be applied to a wide variety of applications. Below are a few interesting developing applications:

Cell Culture Medium

Flutec® liquids have been used to increase yields in biological cultures requiring oxygen. Animal, plant, microbial and tumour cells have all successfully been grown using Flutec® liquids as the growth medium.

Fluorous Biphasic Catalysis

Since its inception in 1991 fluorous biphasic catalysis (FBC) methods have advanced rapidly. Flutec® fluids, particularly Flutec® PP2 has been used as the perfluorinated fluorous solvent in FBC systems. Reactions such as hydroformylation and liquid-liquid extraction system allowing selective extraction of metal ions have been successfully carried out using FBC.

Solvents for Chemical Reactions

Flutec® fluids have been used effectively as solvents and bulking agents in reactions of benzene, phenol, folmene benzil chloride and chlorobenzene with nitric acid yield highly nitrated products.

Organic Rankine Cycle Engines

Although Flutec liquids were first looked at in the mid-seventies, there is renewed interest in this application, where waste heat is converted into useful power. The basic principle is that a perfluorocarbon is heated, and will boil at a low temperature, relative to water. The rapid expansion is used to drive a turbine, which in turn generates electrical power. The perfluorocarbon is condensed, and returned to the boiler in a sealed system.

Tattoo Removal

The R20 method of tattoo removal involves waiting 20 minutes while bubbles that have formed in the superficial papillary dermis disperse. Perfluorodecalin appears to dissolve these bubbles, allowing retreat almost immediately, rather than waiting 20 minutes. A session of four treatments thus becomes practical in a clinical setting. See more here (technical PDF) and here.