Playing Minecraft Underwater

The PP range of Flutec liquids is 50 years old in September, 2015. We celebrated this landmark by inviting youtuber "Turtle Storm" to play Minecraft* on a Raspberry Pi* submerged in Flutec PP2, as the Flutec fluids were originally developed for direct contact cooling.

Struggling to play on your system? You can download the video here

Like all the Flutec liquids, Flutec PP2 has a high dielectric strength and high resistivity. Although the voltages in the video are no higher than 5 V, Flutecs can be used in high voltage applications with no problem.

The Flutec liquids are also inert; they are compatible with pretty much all materials of construction; metal connectors, solder, printed circuit board, electric components and the plastic of the container. Also important is that they have a very low water solubility. Even with a layer of water over the top, there is no adverse effect on the Flutec liquid.

After the video was made, the bulk of water was removed by pipette, and most of the rest using paper towel. The Raspberry Pi was then removed from the Flutec PP2, which was then filtered through filter paper. After the plastic jar was dried with more paper towel, the Raspberry Pi was returned to the jar, and submerged in the same Flutec PP2. It still ran fine.

We intend to bring the same Raspberry Pi and have it submerged in the same Flutec PP2 for the three days of SEMICON Europa in October. Come and see it!

Oh, and you can see turtle Storm's video here: Please like!

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.