Defined Density Fluid

The high stability of Flutec® fluids means they can be used as pressure transmitting liquids for use in gauges (for example to protect the gauge from aggressive fluids) and also as safe alternatives for mercury in manometers, thermometers and orifice plate flowmeters. For these applications we offer a Dyed Blue Flutec® with a specific gravity 1.88 grams per cubic centimeter.

Safety, Handling and Storage
Although Flutec Dyed Blue 1.88 is considered biologically and chemically inert, good laboratory practice should be observed when handling. Flutec Dyed Blue 1.88 has an indefinite shelf life if properly stored in its original sealed container.

Safety data sheet

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Blue liquid (other colours available)
Odour Odourless
Boiling point Typically 128°C
Pour point Typically -68°C
Density 1.88 kg/l
Solubility in water Insoluble
Solubility in organic Blue liquid (other colours available)
The above properties in no way form or represent product specification