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  1. F2 Chemicals Ltd is engaged in the small scale manufacture of a range of liquid and gaseous Perfluorocarbon products with the trade name "Flutec", and also makes partially fluorinated materials using its Selective Direct Fluorination Facility. F2 Chemicals Ltd recognises that in our day to day operations, we inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways, and we are committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of such activity wherever, and whenever possible. F2 Chemicals Ltd considers that the health and safety of the public and its employees and the protection of the environment are primary concerns in carrying out all of its activities.

  2. F2 Chemicals Ltd will, as a minimum, comply with all statutory requirements for environmental protection. In particular, the Company monitors discharges and disposals and ensures compliance with appropriate standards.

  3. F2 Chemicals Ltd is committed to prevention of pollution and minimising the impact of its operations on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement.

  4. The Company strives for continual improvement in performance so as to maximise beneficial impacts and reduce potentially adverse effects to a practicable minimum by managing its activities in a cost-effective manner. In particular, the Company aims to:
    • Develop and maintain appropriate, auditable environmental management systems.
    • Design and operate plant and processes, and decommission plant in such a manner that the effects on the environment are reduced to a practicable minimum.
    • Minimise waste arising's and encourage the re-use and recycling of materials.
    • Ensure safe identification, storage and disposal of wastes.
    • Ensure the efficient usage of energy, water and raw materials.
    • Monitor discharges, disposals and the environment around its site to ensure compliance with appropriate standards.
    • Set annual environmental objectives and targets as part of the Environmental Management Program, which will be reviewed annually.

  5. The Company makes reports readily available to the Regulators describing overall environmental performance.

  6. The Company strives to increase environmental awareness amongst employees. In particular, the Company:
    • Encourages dialogue with employees, regulators and other interested parties.
    • Includes environmental issues in communication and training programmes to raise awareness and to encourage the commitment and involvement of the workforce.

  7. Copies of the Environmental Policy are available to the general public, customers and other interested parties upon request; a copy is posted in the Company site reception area and is also available on the Company website.

    1. Managing Director: Mr A Penman

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